A Message from Healthcare Litigation Support


Healthcare Litigation Support was acquired by Thomson Reuters two years ago, and until recently was part of Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services. We have now resumed operation as an independent entity, and we welcome your business.
We stand ready to provide you with board certified physicians in every medical and surgical specialty and subspecialty; dentists in all fields; nurses at every level of training and specialization; physician assistants, radiology technicians, and other allied health professionals; pharmacists, pharmacologists and toxicologists; and all other healthcare or healthcare-related experts.
We also have biomechanical and biomedical engineers, forensic accountants, medical coding and billing experts, vocational rehabilitation consultants, life care planners, construction safety experts – in short, any and all experts needed for personal injury litigation. 
So that you can easily reach the case manager with whom you have worked previously, here is our contact information:
Peter George:       978-724-0299, pgeorge@healthcarelitigation.com 
Marty Aisenberg:   978-249-8470, maisenberg@healthcarelitigation.com 
Aaron Yoho:         681-404-6237, ayoho@healthcarelitigation.com 
Arie George:         913-257-5170, ageorge@healthcarelitigation.com 
If you have a pending case with Healthcare Litigation Support, our office administrator, Mary Littlefield, will assist you with any administrative or billing issues.  She can be reached at 207-361-3346 or mlittlefield@healthcarelitigation.com. 
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime.  In addition, if there are other members of your firm who might be interested in our services, please pass this message along to them.  We look forward to working with you and your colleagues the next time you need help finding an expert. 
Please check back periodically as we develop our new Web site.
The Healthcare Litigation Support Team
Peter F. George, Managing Partner